3000+ exquisite templates, 100+ function coverage Continuous development, free to use, change at any time
PC + mobile phone + micro website + mini program four-in-one upgrade One account management, never miss any terminal traffic
Fully adaptive system development, automatic adaptation terminal display
PC + tablet + mobile web design, the website gets twice the result with half the effort
Maintain 0 codes, one account maintains multiple terminals TA is still worrying about not understanding the code, your website is easy to maintain
◀ Visual editing
The website designer supports real-time editing, and changes are displayed immediately
Drag and drop operation ▶
The website layout is free to drag and build
10000 + picture material reserve HD material images, free illustrations/vectors,Various types of icons/shapes/text containers...
100 + font material reserve
Magpie-made characters, Cang'er font library, sharp word cloud font library...all support free commercial use on the web platform
300 + combined material reserve
Graphic and text combination materials, preset style layout, suitable for company advantages, product display and other scenarios
100+ function controls
Products, articles, appointments, forms, messages, information query, atlas website functions are all available
High degree of customization
Picture special effects, module animation, background color, banner website effect are all up to you
Enterprise content data
Products, articles, appointments, atlas systems...support batch quick addition, deletion, and modification operations
Website operation data
Website overview, channel statistics, column statistics...Comprehensive statistics items make website optimization more evidence-based
Visitor/member data
Form, voting, message system...support one-click export of data, easy to contact customers


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