We is an internet brand company
Enriching the channels of Internet companies through technology and helping the company's digital upgrade
Our mission is "customer-oriented, technology for good"
Company Introduction
JiSU (website upgrade and maintenance platform) is affiliated to Shenzhen Zhuangqidao Network Consulting Co., Ltd. JiSU is an IT application platform, focusing on providing new network technology and physical application solutions for large, medium and small enterprises, and is committed to solving the high threshold of self-learning network construction and design and decoration Unsightly, single coverage, no traffic, technical knowledge, and other capacity difficulties; we will continue to serve you by sharing the use of technical combat and other methods while supporting the customization of the high-end official website (website) of the enterprise, and realize the IT application service to enable the entity enterprise to innovate and develop .
Over the years, with a deep understanding of design and a keen insight into Internet marketing trends, JiSU Network has continuously revised its service orientation, improved its creative style, always focused on professional exploration, and worked hard for all cooperative enterprises to ensure the visual experience and marketing of the website. Transformation ability.
▎Company culture
Stick to the bottom line, put morality first, honesty and fairness are not the only
Reactive is a mistake, and you have the courage to break through
Open collaboration, continuous evolution
Beyond innovation, exploring the future