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Welcome to visit the JiSU platform, sign the "JiSU Platform Service Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") with Shenzhen Zhuangqidao Network Consulting Co., Ltd. and use the JiSU platform services. Before you register and use the services provided by the JiSU platform, you must carefully read and fully understand the content of the terms, especially the terms of exemption or limitation of liability, applicable laws and dispute resolution terms. The clauses for exemption or limitation of liability will be marked in bold and underlined, and you should read them emphatically.

Once you complete the registration process or use the JiSU platform in any other way, it means that you have fully read and fully understood all the terms under this agreement, and reached an agreement with Shenzhen Zhuangqidao Network Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhuangqidao Company) Consistent, become the "user" of JiSU platform. When you have a dispute with JiSU and JiSU, you should use this agreement as a binding term for both parties. If you do not agree to this agreement or any of its terms, you should immediately stop the registration process. 1. Definition 1.1JiSU platform: refers to the network platform operated by Zhuangqidao to provide users with display or sales services. The domain name is zqdwl.com/szzqd.cn and other domain names activated by Zhuangqidao. 1.2 JiSU platform services: Based on the Internet, Zhuangqidao provides various services to you in various forms including the JiSU platform website (including new service forms arising from future technological development). 1.3 JiSU platform rules: including all the rules, interpretations, announcements, statements, etc. that have been published and subsequently published on all JiSU platforms. 1.4 You or user: refers to any natural person, legal person or other organization that uses any part or all of the JiSU platform services, and is limited to agreeing to all the terms of this agreement and all existing and possible subsequent additions applicable to the JiSU platform services A natural person, legal person or other organization that is part of the series of agreements. 1.5 Service providers: legal persons or other organizations that have successfully settled on the JiSU platform and actually provide users with various services. 2. Service content and charges 2.1 JiSU platform services are only available to entities that can conclude legally binding contracts in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. If you do not meet this condition, please do not use JiSU service. JiSU platform services will not be provided to JiSU users who have been temporarily or permanently suspended. 2.2 You should ensure that the JiSU account is obtained by you or your legally authorized person by registering, and not by fraudulently using other people's information or by registering without legal authorization or other illegal methods. After you fill in the information as prompted on the registration page, read and agree to the JiSU platform registration agreement, and complete all the registration procedures, you can obtain a JiSU platform account and become a JiSU platform user. 2.3 You can use the products and services displayed on the JiSU platform (including but not limited to site building, shopping mall, interaction, micro-leaflet, email and other product services) on the JiSU platform for free or for a fee. If it involves specific products and services, Zhuangqidao company or qualified The service provider provides, the actual service type and content are subject to the page display of the JiSU platform. 2.4 If you use or purchase one or more services on the JiSU platform, you need to confirm the service fee and terms of service corresponding to the specific service with the company or service provider. All taxable taxes incurred by you as a result of trading on the JiSU platform, obtaining paid services from Zhuangqidao Company or a qualified service provider, or contacting Zhuangqidao Company’s servers, as well as related hardware, software, communications, network services and other aspects The costs of are borne by you. Zhuangqidao Company reserves the right to temporarily or permanently change or stop part or all of JiSU platform services without issuing a written notice and only when the JiSU platform publicizes it. 2.5 This agreement does not involve legal relationships or legal disputes between you and other users of JiSU due to online transactions. 3. Register account and password 3.1 After you register for a JiSU account, you should complete the account information in time (including but not limited to the registered subject, person in charge, contact mobile phone, contact email, etc.). Zouqidao has the right to judge the nature of your account based on the information you fill in In order to take necessary measures in the event of JiSU account disputes. Except for the fault of Zhuangqidao, you are responsible for all the results of your account (including but not limited to the purchase of JiSU products and services, disclosure of information, etc.). 3.2 If you actively disclose your JiSU account number and password, or because you are attacked or defrauded by others, Zouqidao will not be liable for the losses and consequences. You should seek compensation from the infringer through judicial, administrative and other remedies. 3.3 You can transfer your account only if there are express provisions of laws, judicial rulings, or written consent of Zhuangqidao Company. Once your account is transferred, the rights and obligations under that account will be transferred together. Except in addition, your account must not be transferred in any way. Otherwise, Zhuangqidao has the right to hold you accountable for breach of contract, and the resulting responsibilities and consequences shall be borne by you. 3.4 You have the right to modify your password in accordance with the procedures prescribed by Zhuangqidao. 4. Protection and authorization of user information 4.1 You may submit information for use in connection with JiSU platform services. Except for the materials authorized by Zhuangqidao to use for you, Zhuangqidao does not claim ownership of the materials related to JiSU platform services published by you or provided to Zhuangqidao (referred to as "submission"). However, after you publish or submit in other ways, you grant Zhuangqidao a free license: use, copy, disseminate, display, publish and modify the service; publish your name when related to your submission Or the name of the organization; grant these permissions to others. This section only applies to the content permitted by the law and only applies to the use and publication of the content permitted by the above law within the limits of not violating the law. Zhuangqidao will not pay you for your submission. Zhuangqidao has the right to refuse to publish, and has the right to delete your submission from the JiSU platform service at any time. You should have the complete rights necessary to implement the authorized actions specified in this section for each submission you make. 4.2 After you register or log in for the first time, you are deemed to understand and agree that Zhuangqidao has the right to submit your contact information to Zhuangqidao based on market conditions and business needs, including but not limited to phone calls and text messages. , Email, fax, registered letter and other forms to notify you, return visits, sales, care, etc. 4.3 In order to collaborate and provide services, Zhuangqidao will collect certain information about you. In addition, Zhuangqidao can also access or disclose information about you, including the content of your communications, in order to: (1) comply with the law, respond to judicial requirements or legal procedures; (2) protect the rights of Zhuangqidao and its customers , Property, including the implementation of the agreement and compliance with the strategies applicable to the service; (3) Protecting the rights, property or safety of the company and its employees, customers and the public. Zhuangqidao can take technical or other measures to protect JiSU services, protect the customers of Zhuangqidao, or prevent you from violating this clause. These measures may include, for example, filtering to prevent spam or increase the level of security. These measures may prevent or interrupt your use of the service. 5. use rules 5.1 JiSU platform services are provided on a "as is" and "as available" basis. Zhuangqidao will make every effort to make you have fun in the process of using JiSU platform services. Unfortunately, Zhuangqidao cannot foresee any technical problems or other difficulties at any time. Such difficulties may result in data loss or interruption of other services. For this reason, you clearly understand and agree that your use of JiSU platform services is at your own risk. Zouqidao Company expressly declares that it will not make all kinds of express or implied guarantees, including but not limited to guarantees regarding marketability, applicability to a specific purpose and non-infringement. Zhuangqidao does not guarantee the following content: (1) JiSU service will meet your requirements; (2) JiSU service will not be interrupted, and is timely, safe and without any errors; (3) The results that may be obtained through the use of JiSU services will be accurate or reliable; (4) The quality of any products, services, materials or other materials you purchase or obtain through JiSU services will meet your expectations. 5.2 Downloading or obtaining any materials in other forms through the use of JiSU platform services is done at your sole discretion, and the risks related to this are borne by you. For your computer system that occurs when you download any such materials You will be responsible for any damage or any loss of data. Any oral or written comments or information you obtain from JiSU or through or from JiSU platform services will not produce any guarantee that is not expressly stated in these terms. 5.3 You clearly understand and agree that in the process of using JiSU platform services, Zhuangqidao, as a network service provider, will only provide you with technical support. Therefore, Zhuangqidao will not provide, including but not limited to, source code, database, System mirroring and other files. 5.4 The company has the right to change the service function appropriately. According to market demand, the JiSU platform service may be appropriately changed to a certain function of the service content. Such changes include but not limited to optimization and reduction due to third-party reasons, especially the third party (such as WeChat) on which the JiSU platform service operates. , Baidu, etc.). If you violate the rules and regulations of a third-party company during the use of JiSU services, Zhuangqidao has the right to take measures such as removal, closure, restriction, etc. to deal with it. 5.5 JiSU platform information may be separated from the actual service. You understand that some of the product and service information on the JiSU platform is released by qualified service providers, and there may be risks and defects. Zhuangqidao will ensure your legal rights and good experience on the JiSU platform as much as possible by establishing relevant inspection and monitoring systems in accordance with the law. At the same time, in view of the characteristics of the separation of information and actual services of the JiSU platform in the information network environment, JiSU cannot review product and service information one by one, and cannot review the quality, safety, legality, authenticity, and accuracy of the services involved in the transaction one by one. You should be cautious about this, unless it is clear that Zhuangqidao provides products and services directly. 5.6 You are not allowed to publish all kinds of illegal or illegal information on JiSU, including but not limited to those prohibited or restricted by the state, infringing on the intellectual property rights or other legal rights of others. You should abide by all relevant laws, regulations, rules and regulations related to your use of JiSU platform services, as well as your bidding, purchase and sale of any items and the provision of business information. 5.7 You understand and agree that after you purchase JiSU platform services, you should obtain relevant business license qualifications in accordance with laws, regulations, and rules during your business process. If you are punished by the state administrative agency (such as the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau) without obtaining the relevant business license, you shall bear the responsibility. 5.8 You should ensure that the following situations do not occur: 5.8.1 Violation of this agreement and the relevant agreements (if any) accompanying the services included in the JiSU platform service or violation of relevant laws and regulations; 5.8.2 Use JiSU platform services for illegal purposes or to promote dangerous activities; 5.8.3 Collect or store personal data about other users for commercial purposes; 5.8.4 If any third party informs Soqidao that your use of JiSU platform services infringes its legitimate rights and interests, even if the content you publish using JiSU platform services may not be deemed illegal by the competent authority or infringe on any third party The legitimate rights and interests of 5.8.5 Other actions deemed harmful or improper by the company. 5.9 Except with the written authorization of Zhuangqidao, you may not modify, re-create, decompile or reverse engineer the JiSU platform, or attempt to extract source code, or perform any acts suspected of infringing on the rights of Zhuangqidao. 6. Scope of Liability and Compensation 6.1 You clearly understand and agree that Zhuangqidao will not be liable for any damages caused by any of the following circumstances, including but not limited to losses in profit, goodwill, use, data, etc. or other intangible damages (Regardless of whether the company has been informed of the possibility of such damages): (1) Use or failure to use JiSU platform services; (2) Because of the purchase or acquisition of any goods, samples, and data through or from JiSU platform services , Materials or services, or through or from JiSU platform services to receive any information or contract any transaction incurred to obtain alternative goods and services; (3) access or change your transmission materials or data without approval; (4) Any third party's statement on JiSU platform services or behaviors regarding JiSU platform services; or (5) any other matters related to JiSU platform services caused by any reason, including negligence. 6.2 You agree that due to your violation of this agreement or other documents included in this agreement, or because you violated the law or infringed on the rights of a third party, the third party will be against the company and its subsidiaries. , Branch companies, directors, employees, and agents who file claims (including but not limited to judicial fees and other professional fees, including attorney fees, etc.), you must indemnify the company and its branches, directors, employees, Agents to protect them from losses (including but not limited to judicial fees and other professional fees, including attorney fees, etc.).

7. termination of service or access restrictions

7.1 You or Zhuangqidao Company may at any time have the right to terminate the JiSU service according to the actual situation. Zhuangqidao Company does not need to be responsible for any individual or third party and interrupt the service at any time. 7.2 In the event that you have not paid any service fees to the JiSU platform, Zhuangqidao Company may decide at its sole discretion for any reason (including but not limited to the fact that Zhuangqidao Company believes that you have violated the literal meaning and spirit of this agreement, or you have Act in a manner that does not conform to the literal meaning and spirit of this agreement, or if you fail to log in to JiSU products with your account and password for more than 30 days) Terminate your use of JiSU platform services, and may decide at your own discretion for any reason (Including but not limited to the company believes that you have violated the literal meaning and spirit of this agreement, or you acted in a way that does not meet the literal meaning and spirit of this clause, or you have not acted on your Account and password to log in to JiSU products) Terminate your JiSU service password, account (or any part of it) or delete and discard the information you submit when using JiSU platform services. 7.3 You acknowledge and agree that the measures for terminating your use of JiSU platform services in accordance with any provisions of this agreement can be implemented without prior notice. Zouqidao Company can immediately invalidate your account, or cancel your account and All relevant information and files in your account, and/or prohibit you from further accessing such files or JiSU platform services. After the account is terminated, Zouqidao Company is not obliged to keep any information in or related to the original account, or forward any information that has not been read or sent to you or a third party. In addition, Zhuangqidao will not be liable to you or any third party for terminating your access to JiSU services. 8. Breach of contract and handling 8.1 You understand and agree that Zhuangqidao has the right to punish violations of relevant laws and regulations or the agreement in this agreement based on reasonable judgments, take appropriate legal actions against any user who violates laws and regulations, and save relevant information in accordance with laws and regulations. For departmental reports, the user shall bear all legal responsibilities arising therefrom. 8.2 Without restricting other remedial measures, if any of the following situations occurs, the company can immediately issue a warning, temporarily suspend, permanently suspend or terminate your membership, without refunding the paid (if any) and deleting Any of your existing product information, and any other information you display on the website: (1) You violated this agreement; (2) Zhuangqidao Company cannot verify or appraise any information you provide to Zhuangqidao Company; (3) Zhuangqidao Company believes that your actions may cause you, Zhuangqidao Company users or third-party service providers who provide services through Zhuangqidao Company or the products of Zhuangqidao Company to incur any legal liabilities; (4) You publish, transmit, disseminate, store Youku/iqiyi/B station/Kugou/QQ music and other infringing online audio and video, online earning/swiping drills/QB/QQ business/traffic, experience/taobao Credit rating, pornography/prostitution solicitation/sale or dissemination of obscene information, lottery prediction/gambling content websites, game power leveling/account hacking/plug-in/private server/auxiliary category, surrogacy/substitute medical examination/agent certificate/substitute test/substitute Invoicing, hackers/website hanging horses/installing viruses/charging to teach hacking techniques, control of knives/firearms/arms/dangerous goods, vulgar content/malicious slander/disclosure of others’ privacy, credit cards/huabei, etc. Modern return services Category, domestic and foreign ICO token issuance/virtual currency transactions/blockchain fundraising and other illegal financial activities, false information/fraud information and other content that is not good for the stability and harmony of the country and society, and violates relevant national laws and policies, and pretends to be a company Will cooperate with relevant departments to hold accountable; (5) Use the mailbox system in the JiSU platform service to send spam. Spam refers to emails that are forcibly sent to third-party mail without the permission of the third party, or sent to a large number of users at the same time, which affects normal network communication. , Or emails containing malicious, false, or disguised information. 8.3 You publish, transmit, disseminate, and store content that may be unqualified, illegal, or infringing through JiSU platform services (including but not limited to games/e-sports platforms/power leveling, live broadcast, forums/posting bars/knowledge quiz communities, merchants Platform, 58 same city platform, Meituan/Popular comment platform, Taobao platform, Zhubajie platform, Baidu search engine, Alibaba platform, Starting Point Chinese/17K Novel Platform, Advertising Alliance, Cloud Disk, Zhenai/baihe Online marriage and dating platforms, Tuniu comprehensive ticketing platforms, Sohu/Sina/Netease News/Phoenix.com comprehensive portal platforms, crowdfunding platforms, unlocking, Guozihao websites, etc.), Zhuangqidao company may take a temporary If you close your information or disconnect your link, you can appeal to Zhuangqidao Company and provide supporting materials as required. After Zhuangqidao Company’s review, you can finally determine whether to restore your information or link. You fully understand and agree to the installation. This kind of treatment method of Qidao Company. 8.4 If your website is attacked by a third party, which affects JiSU or other users of JiSU, Zhuangqidao has the right to choose any of the following methods: (1) Zhuangqidao Company informs you to immediately take measures to access third-party defense services. If you do not deal with it within three days after receiving the notice, Zhuangqidao Company has the right to directly shut down your website without any responsibility . (2) Zhuangqidao Company will directly close your website, and the specific service provider will refund you the service fee corresponding to the remaining service period (if a voucher is used at the time of purchase, no refund will be given). (3) The third-party attack mentioned in this clause only refers to the malicious attack that your website content does not violate this agreement. Attacks suffered due to your website content violating this agreement do not belong to the scope of website attacks mentioned in this article. 8.5 If you use the plug-in code function provided by Zouqidao Company to embed the jump code, publish, transmit, disseminate, and store content that violates national laws and regulations, or send the jump code you embed to Zouqidao Company or JiSU. If the user causes an impact, Zhuangqidao has the right to deal with it in the following ways: (1) immediately issue a warning, temporarily suspend, permanently suspend or terminate your membership, without refunding the paid; (2) directly close your website , You should make rectifications as required; (3) delete your information and any other materials you display on the website; (4) ask you to compensate for all losses caused by Zouqidao Company (including but not limited to payment for recovery Legal fees, travel expenses, and appraisal fees). 8.5 If your website is shut down, you can also apply for cancellation to Soqidao Company by upgrading to the website promotion version and above or the mall advanced version and above, and filing the domain name with Soqidao Company. Shut down or ban.

9.limitation of liability and exemption 9.1 Due to natural disasters, strikes or riots, material shortages or rations, riots, acts of war, government actions, telecommunications networks, power-cutting or power-cutting measures adopted by power supply units, power supply unit failures, communication or other facilities failures Or serious casualties, hacker attacks, the onset of computer viruses without effective defensive measures, and other causes of force majeure that cannot be foreseen by other parties and whose occurrence and consequences cannot be prevented and avoided, causing the company to delay, fail to perform, or because of this If you suffer losses, Zhuangqidao will not bear any responsibility for you. 9.2 In the event of the above-mentioned situation that affects your use of JiSU platform services, Zhuangqidao Company promises to cooperate with relevant units as soon as possible to deal with and repair in a timely manner. You understand that it takes a certain time limit for Zhuangqidao to take measures. Prior to this, Zhuangqidao Company will not bear any responsibility for your losses caused by the above-mentioned circumstances. 9.3 You understand that it is normal that the access speed on the Internet is blocked or the access speed is reduced, and it does not belong to the default of Zodidao. In the event of network interruption caused by telecommunications operators or national policies, Zodidao shall not bear the corresponding responsibility . 9.4 Zhuangqidao provides links to third-party websites only for your convenience. If you use these links, you will leave the JiSU platform. Zhuangqidao has not reviewed any third-party websites, and does not control or assume any responsibility for any of these websites and their content or their confidentiality policies. Therefore, Zhuangqidao does not recognize any information, software, and other products or materials on these websites, or any results that may be obtained by using them, and does not make any representations. If you decide to visit any third-party website displayed on the JiSU platform, the risk is entirely borne by you.

10. Advertising and financial services 10.1 You communicate with or engage in business dealings or participate in promotional activities with persons who publish advertisements on or through JiSU platform services, including payment for related goods or services and delivery of related goods or services, and related to such business dealings Any other terms, conditions, guarantees or declarations of is limited to between you and the person who posted the advertisement. You agree that, for any loss or damage of any kind that occurs as a result of any such business dealings or the appearance of such advertisements on JiSU services, Zouqidao Company shall not be responsible or liable for any responsibility. 10.2 If you intend to create or participate in any service related to any company, stock market, investment or securities through the JiSU platform service, or receive or request any news information related to any company, stock market, investment or securities through the JiSU platform service, Cautionary information or other materials, please note that Zhuangqidao will not be responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness or availability, profitability of any such materials transmitted through JiSU platform services, and will not Responsible or bear any direct or indirect responsibility for any transaction or investment decisions made based on such information.

11. Notice 11.1 When you register as a JiSU platform user and accept JiSU platform services, you should provide Zhuangqidao Company with real and effective contact information (including but not limited to your email address, contact number, contact address, etc.). If the method changes, you are obliged to update relevant information in a timely manner and maintain a state where it can be contacted. 11.2 You agree to the use of electronic means when the company sends you a notice. Zhuangqidao will send you specific information related to this service and send you certain additional information. Zhuangqidao may also send you other information about the service that is required by law. You have the right to cancel your consent, but if you cancel, the company can cancel the service to you. 11.3 Zhuangqidao Company will provide you with the necessary information in the following ways: send you an email through the email address you specified when you registered for the JiSU platform service; when the information is available, through the email sent to you The notice specifies a certain website for access; or by visiting a certain website that is usually designated in advance for this purpose. The notice sent to you by email will be deemed to have been sent and received on the transmission date indicated in the email. While you are able to access and use JiSU platform services, you have the necessary software and hardware to receive such notifications. If you do not agree to receive any notice in electronic form, then you should stop using JiSU platform services. 11.4 You can send a written notice to Zhuangqidao through the contact information of Zhuangqidao published on the JiSU platform.

12. Refund The refunds in this refund agreement are the responsibility of the service provider or Zhuangqidao company that actually provides the corresponding service and collects the service payment. If there is a conflict between these refund conditions and the provisions of the service provider, the provisions of the service provider shall prevail. 12.1 Customers who purchase the JiSU service products listed below, who terminate the service within 7 days (from the day of purchase) after the payment is completed, can apply for a full refund without reason, including: first purchase of the website version, first purchase of the mall version, and first purchase The interactive version purchased and the number of new viewers of all published activities does not exceed 100, the first-time purchase of the micro-flyer version and the new traffic of all published micro-flyers does not exceed 100pv, the first purchase of the mini program version, the first purchase of the official account assistant And the number of template message sending tasks does not exceed 5, the first purchase of the mailbox version, the first purchase of the JiSU store pass version and the number of new visitors in the store does not exceed 100, the first purchase of the JiSU customer pass version and the total number of customers does not exceed 100, First purchase of JiSU education version, 400 number account opening coupon and 400 number recharge coupon. 12.2 Customers who purchase the professional version of the website, the crown version of the website, the advanced version of the mall, the flagship version of the mall, and the multi-merchant version of the mall for the first time and bind the domain name within 30 days can apply for an unconditional full refund of the website under the following circumstances: (1) If the domain name is purchased on the JiSU platform within 30 days after the first purchase of the website, the domain name has not been included in Baidu within 30 days from the date of purchase and real-name domain name; (2) The domain name that is not purchased on the JiSU platform is bound within 30 days after the first purchase of the website, and the domain name is not included by Baidu within 30 days from the date when the customer sends the notice of the bound domain name of the website to Zhuangqidao. Customers applying for refunds need to provide the JiSU account number, administrator account number and password of the website to Zhuangqidao; the bank information for receiving the refund, including the complete account opening bank information (such as: xx branch xx city branch in xx province), bank account number , Account name (name). There is no charge for the refund, and the service provided by JiSU will no longer be enjoyed after the refund is completed. 12.3 Customers who purchase the IP function expansion package for the first time and terminate the service within 7 days from the date of payment completion (counting from the day of purchase) can apply for a refund according to the service fee corresponding to the remaining service period. 12.4 The above refunds are all based on the premise that you have not violated the terms and conditions and you have not filed a request for cancellation of your JiSU account. 13. Content ownership 13.1 Using the services provided by Zhuangqidao in any way, the copyright or ownership involved belongs to Zhuangqidao or a third party with rights. 13.2 When you use the JiSU platform services, you should ensure the integrity of the relevant copyrights. In particular, you must not modify, tamper, arbitrarily split or combine all elements of the JiSU platform, such as product code, source code, and template pictures, which involve pictures of people. Yes, you may not divide the picture or combine it with other images. Otherwise, it will be deemed that you have breached the contract, and Zhuangqidao has the right to terminate the provision of JiSU platform services to you or immediately delete and block the information and data you uploaded on JiSU. If you have caused losses to Zhuangqidao because of your actions, you should also be liable for compensation. If the owner of the image and portrait rights claims the rights to Zhuangqidao, Zhuangqidao has the right to claim compensation from you.

14. Changes to the agreement 14.1 You understand and acknowledge that due to changes in the services provided by Zhuangqidao and the laws applicable to both you and Zhuangqidao, the terms of this agreement and other individual service agreements will have to be changed. 14.2 After the terms of this agreement and/or other individual service agreements are changed, Zhuangqidao will do its best to notify you in advance. However, in some cases (for example, changes required by applicable laws), updates to the terms of this agreement and/or other individual service agreements may need to take effect immediately, and Zouqidao will promptly modify the content on the JiSU platform website and follow The modification time adjusts the renewal time stated in the terms of this agreement and other individual service agreements accordingly. 14.3 If you do not agree with the content modified by Zhuangqidao, please do not change the terms of this agreement and/or other individual service agreements (that is, after the revised time of the revised agreement and other individual service agreements). Use of this service and/or any part of other individual services, once you have any use of this service and/or other individual services after the terms of this agreement and/or other individual service agreements are modified, it means that you have read, learned, and Agree to the entire content of the revised terms of this agreement and/or other individual service agreements. 14.4 Except for the changes made by Zhuangqidao described here, any other amendments or modifications to the terms of this agreement and/or other individual service agreements are invalid, unless you and Zhuangqidao have explicitly signed a paper written agreement Separately change the terms of this agreement and/or other individual service agreements. 15. Applicable law and jurisdiction This agreement is applicable to and interpreted in accordance with Chinese law, and will not cause any conflict of laws. Disputes related to JiSU platform services arising from your use of JiSU platform services shall be settled by Zhuangqidao Company through negotiation with you; if the negotiation fails, either party may apply to the Guangzhou Arbitration Commission for arbitration. If you still have any questions, you can directly leave a message to the customer service center of Zhuangqidao Company. 16. Other 16.1 You agree to cooperate in handling the business transaction inquiry letter issued by you for paying to use the services provided by Zhuangqidao. At the same time, Zhuangqidao Company also agrees to cooperate with the processing of the above-mentioned letter sent by you, so the express delivery costs incurred shall be borne by each. 16.2 Certain products directly provided by Zhuangqidao can support independent deployment of servers (not including the provision of source code, database, system mirroring and other files). The deployment plan is provided by Zhuangqidao, and the deployment cost is based on Zhuangqidao. Publicity shall prevail. 16.3 For users who purchase interactive products in the JiSU platform service and distribute WeChat cash red envelopes, you agree that you will be responsible for withholding and paying the taxes and fees incurred during the WeChat cash red envelope distribution process. At the same time, you understand and confirm that this kind of WeChat cash red envelope recharge service is only a collection and payment service, and there is no need to issue an invoice. At the same time, the collecting and paying party will not bear any responsibility for this. 16.4 The content of this agreement includes the various operating tips, rules, announcements, instructions, etc. that Zhuangqidao will inform you through the network or communication methods (hereinafter collectively referred to as "service rules"), and all service rules are inseparable from this agreement. Part of it has the same legal effect as this agreement. 16.5 Any clause of this agreement is deemed to be annulled, invalid or unenforceable, and the clause shall be regarded as divisible and does not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining clauses of this agreement. You can read, copy or download the above statement on the JiSU platform at any time.