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Solve network upgrade needs
Open source network function technology
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Upgrade service we can do

Server upgrade

Cloud service hardware expands storage capacity

System Upgrade

Fully adaptive system environment construction

Channel upgrade

Enterprise multi-channel network marketing architecture

Function upgrade

More than 100 functional research and development reserves

Page upgrade

Let good design retain online customers

Sustainable upgrade

Open up the closed loop from search to social port

Adaptive system Minimal visual background

Subvert the traditional site construction and do your best for your user experience Visually build beautiful hover animations Hover the mouse to initiate special effects animation, support custom editing content and special effects, change and display

Help the brand image to upgrade again
Over the years, JISU Network has not forgotten its original intention, focused on improving the level of technical design services, helping you to continuously upgrade network channels, continuous iterative updates, and create value for the company to realize its own value!
The content is messy and low-grade
Design upgrade
For you to solve the secondary writing of soft text, image processing, web design and other continuous updates.
Insufficient functions and limited operation
Framework upgrade
Solve it for you. With the development of the network, the functions continue to iterate and update continuously.
Single platform, insufficient channels
Port development
Solve the expansion of network channels for you, and adjust the direction of network channel investment at any time.
Technical team, unable to match
Cooperative maintenance
Solve the high cost of team training for you, and consume a lot of manpower for no reason.
Our success stories
We believe in and have always insisted on creating a truly valuable Internet platform for customers with brand thinking.

WorldCom Precision Technology

Global Trade | Chinese and English | Air Clean Factory


Pegasus flying car

Global Trade | Chinese and English | Flying Cars


Maijing Home

Global Trade | Chinese and English | Hanger Factory


Ark decoration

Official website display | Chinese | Decoration company


Double art decoration

Official website display | Chinese | Decoration company


Xianghexu Media

Official website display | Chinese | Cultural media


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Website building customization Brand official website Group website Marketing website construction Industry Portal Community website construction HTML5 website construction Website customization Business system customization
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E-commerce website B2C Mall B2B Mall B2B2C Mall C2B website construction ERP system CRM system Micro mall construction Distribution Mall
Mobile port upgrade
Mobile end
Mobile site Micro official website APP development Responsive website CRM company culture mobile office administration Internal software
Operation and maintenance
Business number
Website maintenance Mall maintenance B2C Mall B2B Mall Micro Mall Industry Portal E-commerce website Company official website Network channel
Each work, It's a collision of mind and soul
Our mission is to make your company's network channels continue to iteratively update, fully maintain and update the content, to achieve the needs of the company's customers for the network; for this purpose, we will gather the strength of all business units and continue to create powerful network projects and marketing cases. . When the industry changes, we also change our thinking, use creativity, innovation and in-depth research to promote the benefits of customers, and let network activities help brand development.
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